Digital Project Learning Summary

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As I think about my masters journey I think what a great way to end it…with CROCHET!! I have always been a woman who likes to do…I enjoy furniture restoration, decorating, painting, gardening…really all things I can do with my hands. Even when I am sitting, which isn’t often, I like to be productive. Crochet is a craft that allows me to stay focused and keep busy when I have some down time and what a great craft to learn in my final class. Here is my crochet journey!

Blog 1: What matters to me…

This blog allowed me to contemplate what I would like to learn and how I was going to achieve this. I knew right away I would be choosing crochet as my final project-but how was I going to get there? How could I incorporate digital learning into this craft?

The few weeks before this blog was created was big learning…I had opened a twitter account, figured out which blog site I wanted to create my blog on, created an account with WordPress and finally stepped into what I wanted to do. As many people in this class, I work and finding the balance between taking my final 2 masters classes and working was a struggle. I work full time with Saskpolytech as a Clinical Advisor in the SCBScN program, mentoring new staff and assisting struggling students. I wear my uniform every day and head out to various clinical sites, either hospital or community, assisting as needed. I also work as an RN every few weeks at the Regina General Hospital – I truly love being a nurse and staying casual reminds me why I chose nursing as a career. In a typical day-the most I spend online is looking at Facebook and Instagram…maybe 30 minutes. This was a huge learning curve for me.

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What did I learn?

  • that my laptop at home needs updating and won’t even handle WordPress or Zoom to be downloaded 😦
  • Twitter account
  • WordPress Blog
  • inserted a YouTube video into my blog
  • incorporating images into my blog
  • how crochet can be a stress reliever

Blog 2: Crochet 101

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These weeks were spent more tackling the logistics of researching yarn online, heading to the local Micheal’s store to buy yarn and my first crochet hook, searching out other yarn stores in Regina, researching crochet on Pinterest for free patterns, tutorials, stitches and ideas as well as signing up for free online crochet patterns.

What did I Learn?

  • that despite watching tutorials on Pinterest for step by step guides–i am a hands on learner who needs someone to give immediate feedback 😦
  • Micheal’s can be overwhelming if you aren’t sure what you are starting with…colors, weight, cotton vs. wool vs. acrylic vs. many other choices
  • it’s ok to ask a real person for help

Blog 3: Jumping In

This week was a busy week of learning. Once I got the hang of a stitch I didn’t want to put my project down. I just needed to get less clumsy with my fingers and more adept at managing the wool and the hook. I found myself picking up project everytime I sat down and could really focus.

What did I Learn?

  • met with my “crochet elder”
  • I started my first project- a cotton dishcloth…when it didn’t go according to a square dishcloth plan-i flipped it over and started stitching on the other side

Blog 4: Learning the Ropes

I spent this time thinking about how I could take my project further and explore more online. I figured out the time lapse feature on my phone’s camera, so did a quick video. I also searched on my favorite social media outlets of Instagram and Pinterest to get digital.

What did I Learn?

  • By this time, I had been going to visit my “crochet elder” weekly for some tips and to get feedback on my progress.
  • I was able to take a quick time lapse video but until the last 2 weeks didn’t know how to embed it … so here it is!
  • I researched on Pinterest the crochet abbreviations and how to read a crochet pattern
  • I also joined some crochet online communities through Instagram and Facebook

Blog 5: A new level

I had a bit more time this week in my office, so was able to explore Wakelet and start a collection of Crochet ideas as well as figure out some ways on WordPress to make my blog more visually appealing.

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  • critically reflected on my crochet journey
  • finally figured out how to block color my headings on WordPress and organize my posts into categories:)
  • started a Wakelet account to organize my crochet ideas
  • incorporated GIF’s
  • decided thrifting for an afghan may be easier than spending the time, however, realize that the good things aren’t always easy
  • Watched crochet podcasts and created my own YouTube channel to follow podcasts

What did I Learn?

Blog 6: Learning from Mistakes

By this time I was frustrated with my journey and realizing how exhausted I was. I knew it was time to either undo my entire project or call it a day and realize that it was an infinity scarf. So-I learned how to end the project with a couple of knots and started my christmas list early by sending my niece a scarf made by her favorite auntie!

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What did I Learn?

  • follow a pattern
  • ask for advice
  • don’t mix up your stitches
  • it’s ok to realize that you need to start over with new yarn
  • explored Wakelet more and added more to my collection
  • look out the front windshield, not the rearview mirror

Blog 7: Quick update

My first YouTube video

What did I Learn?

  • that it’s ok to learn at my own pace…what may seem huge to me is day 1 for others
  • record a YouTube video and create my own YouTube channel
  • embed a YouTube video onto my blog
My final Project in progress 🙂
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