What matters to me…Final Project

As I entered my last masters class with Alex Couros, I find it ironic that this will also lead me into some well deserved time for me. Not often do I take the time to rejuvenate myself and relax. There are always “things” to do….when my son was 7 months old I got accepted into Nursing School-assignments, daycare, clinical, graduating, starting work as a Registered Nurse, second baby, hockey practices, cheer leading practices, housecleaning, divorce, new job, new love, driving lessons, masters assignments…. 22 years in a few words. At about class 7 of my masters journey I knew that the time was coming when my masters would be complete and I could just focus on one thing that I was yearning to learn. Crochet.

I have always considered myself a DIY guru. Give me a project and I can pinterest, youtube and research myself into learning and figuring it out. Some of my interests have been in refinishing antique furniture and gardening. These both provide me a sense of relaxation, however they were mostly done out of necessity. I can paint furniture and change the look of something, but that was done out of wanting to change my decor on a budget. I can garden and divide plants like nobody’s business…however it was always with a vision in mind to get the yard looking nicer.

Crocheting has always fascinated me and it always seemed like it would be “too time consuming” and “too fiddly” for me. I am a girl who likes immediate results and crocheting an afghan seems like a long process with slow results. When the idea of this project was presented to the group, I immediately thought that this is the perfect time to learn crocheting. I don’t want to be the grandma sitting in front of netflix on a Friday night, rather I want to be the woman who uses this time as a time to reflect and relax while learning a new skill.

My final project will be learning how to crochet an afghan. Simple right? Yet as I researched, I came across this skeleton and the nurse in me got a bit excited…BUT…one thing at a time…right?!??

My plan to learn how to crochet is to watch Youtube videos, search out Facebook pages on crocheting for beginners, searching out ideas on Pinterest, going to a local craft store to buy a pattern and yarn, ask my peers for help, possibly attend a crochet class and video blogging my journey. The final project will be an afghan with plans to learn how to crochet baby hats and donate to our local Mother Baby Unit at Regina General Hospital where new babies get a hat given to them as a keepsake.

I am excited to not only learn the art of crocheting, but learn more about the art itself in order for it to become more meaningful. Part of the plan will be to research the definition of crocheting and where it originated as well as different patterns and opinions from novice and expert crocheters.

The end project will look similar to an afghan like this that will be kept at our new cabin. I do have big plans though and if your name is on my Christmas list, expect an afghan!

6 thoughts on “What matters to me…Final Project

  1. Hello Amy – great blog post! Congrats on starting your last Master’s class! I felt the same way about having the opportunity to try something new, that I never would have taken the time to learn before! Good for you to try crocheting! I remember learning that with my grandma, but never made it past 2 rows I think! I love the look of crocheted hats and blankets – hope I made your Christmas list!


  2. I will be following your journey very closely, because crocheting is something that I have never been able to figure out. I love to knit and have been able to make many projects. The biggest one that I have tackled is a knit blanket with 12 different patterns, for my queen sized bed. However, for some reason, my hands have not allowed me to crochet. I think that I am so used to using two knitting needles and find it difficult to use only one crochet hook. I hope to be able to use your journey to help me finally accomplish learning how to crochet.


  3. You did it my friend! Not only are you an amazing nurse and teacher but an inspiration to others as well! I am so proud of you and blessed to call you my friend. What a great blog. I HAB enjoyed your posts and how they became increasingly “techy” along the way! Good for you! You now can sit back and relax and enjoy your family and cabin with no more papers or assignments hanging over your head. Well done Master Amy! ❤️

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