Quick Update

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This is just a quick update of the week! I am so excited that I actually may have figured out how to have my own YouTube channel with a live video and uploaded onto my blog…no views but if this actually works I may be famous some day!

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Me! Crocheting πŸ™‚

One reflection

I decided to take my crocheting to my Monday night grad class while I listened to group presentations. At the break, 2 people came up to inspect my project and neither one of them told me how great it looked or asked me what kind of stitch I was using. The only thing they pointed out was the one spot that I missed a stitch. They told me how I could fix it by stitching in a separate piece of yellow wool or undo the stitches back to that point (given that I had already unstitched it once to make it wider there was little doubt in my mind that would not be happening). I calmly told them that it was meant to be that way…that it was a reminder to my daughter who would receive the blanket when I am done that not everything is perfect.

Remember everyone…its the journey πŸ™‚

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One thought on “Quick Update

  1. Hey Amy. What a joyful post! At my time of viewing, your YouTube video already had 7 views! The scarf looks wonderful. I like that you purposely left one thread out to remind your daughter that everything is imperfect. Now if only social media understood that people might voice opinions that might later change, or might voice an opinion they don’t like “aka the wrong opinion”, Twitter would be a much nicer place!

    Great work on your project!


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